What is ‘Give A Dog A Bone, Keep Kitty Happy’ (GADAB)? 

GADAB was started in 2006 by Nicola Addison with a single pre-Christmas email asking friends and colleagues to add one item to their shopping basket and drop it at her office for distribution.

The appeal provides toys, treats and food to over twenty rescue services and community organisations in the Sydney and surrounding areas.

Where can I donate items? 

During appeal dates you can drop your pet items at any of the listed donation points.

Please note – donations cannot be accepted outside appeal dates. 

When can I donate items? 

Appeal dates are 25 November to 15 December each year.

Where does my donation go? 

Donated items are distributed to our current list of recipient organisations.

Why do you only collect at Christmas? 

Holding the appeal during the Christmas season is a deliberate choice to utilise the ‘spirit of giving’. Unfortunately, it is also a time of increased strain on services caring for homeless animals.

Do you accept money? 

No.  We are not able to accept financial donations.  If you wish to make a financial donation please contact a recipient organisation directly.

Do you accept second hand items? 

No.  Unfortunately for reasons of hygiene and differences in peoples’ perception of second-hand items, GADAB collects only new items.

How else can I help animals in need? 

  • Print a poster and put it up in your workplace during the appeal
  • Share this website or facebook page with your friends and networks
  • Start a collection off with friends or at work
  • Consider doing some volunteer work with a rescue service
  • Foster an animal from a rescue shelter