How you can help

Appeal dates for 2019 will be announced later in the year

There are many ways how you can support Give a Dog a Bone, Keep Kitty Happy (GADAB).

The start of collection around the Christmas tree at ACON in 2009.

Email to sign up to receive news about the GADAB Christmas appeal

  • Circulate the email when you receive it
  • Talk about the appeal at your work staff meeting/team meeting etc
  • Post about it on your work intranet
  • Talk about the appeal at your local community
  • Tell your friends about the appeal
  • Follow us on Facebook and share the message in your social media channels

Give a Dog a Bone, Keep Kitty Happy does not request or encourage cash donations and attempts to keep its administration costs as close to zero as possible.

If you wish to donate money, please refer to existing animal support services that are set up to receive money and provide a receipt. View who GADAB items are donated to.

Please note that Give a Dog a Bone, Keep Kitty Happy cannot accept used or second-hand goods. Only new items can be accepted.


All aspects of Give a Dog a Bone, Keep Kitty Happy are put together by people who volunteer their skills, expertise and time. The website, poster design, decoration of collection bins, the picking up and delivery of items and all other aspects that make up this appeal are given free of charge.

Give a Dog a Bone, Keep Kitty Happy aims to run on a cost–neutral basis, however, for the last 5 years, all printing costs have been generously covered by Glen Leitch Arts Management. This is a wonderfully generous gesture and has certainly added to the growth of the appeal.

Would you like to do more?

Contact one of these organisations which all offer a volunteer programme to help with dog walking, socialising animals, and more.

Tip: You could also consider doing a Google search for a local rescue service near you and contact them directly.