Set up your own appeal

Appeal dates for 2019 will be announced later in the year

Thank you for your interest in setting up a ‘Give a Dog a Bone Keep Kitty Happy’ (GADAB) Christmas Appeal. Here are the steps on how to do it.

Step 1: Familiarise yourself with how the GADAB Appeal works
Browse this website for information on how the appeal works and who benefits from it.

Step 2: Ensure there is not already a GADAB Appeal established in your area
Check the list of drop-off points that already exist.

Step 3: Contact Nicola Addison, Founder of the Appeal
Let her know you intend to establish a new GADAB Appeal.

Step 4: Get in touch with the rescue service/s you have chosen to donate to
Inform them of how the Appeal works and what you would like to do for them, eg collect toys, treats and food for both cats and dogs that you would like to donate to them. Remember, you will need their permission to use their name to promote the Appeal as a receiver of items.

Step 5: Establish up-to-date contact details
Who will be your main contact person at the rescue service of your choice? Make sure to document these details.

Step 6: Establish where your potential drop-off point/s for items could be
Check for already existing drop-off points, and consider that yours should be easily accessible for people who wish to donate.

Step 7: Communicate with your Collection Point about:

  • the appeal and how it works
  • what’s involved in being a Collection Point
  • what you will be providing to them eg collection box, posters etc
  • details of who their contact person will be regarding collections etc
  • document their details to be added to the GADAB website etc

Step 8: Once you have established and confirmed where you will be collecting and who will be receiving your items, send this information to Nicola Addison
Make sure that Nicola can promote your drop-off point on the website and Facebook page early enough so that people hear about it in time for the appeal.

Step 9: Establish how and when you are going to pick up items from the drop-off points and deliver to the recipient
Will you recruit some volunteers? Or will you do it all yourself?

Step 10: Make sure you have your posters displayed
Have info about the Appeal visible where potential donators can see it, and make sure you circulate the message through your networks (email, Facebook, Twitter etc).

Step 11: Look for opportunities to get the message out about the Appeal
Could it be published in a newspaper article? Could you speak about it on radio or TV?

Step 12: Run your appeal from Nov 25 to Dec 15
These are the established dates for the GADAB Appeal.

Step 13: Midway through the appeal
Check in with your drop-off point/s to make sure everything is on track.

Step 14: Check in that pick-ups and deliveries
Have they occurred on the appointed dates?

Step 15: Pat yourself and everyone else involved on the back
There’s a job well done, and you can be proud of yourself.

Step 16: Send out the ‘Thank you’ letter/email
Contact your your drop-off points and any other contributors and give them a big thanks. Be sure to let Nicola Addison too know how your collection went.

Step 17: Have a good rest and get your energy back
Consider whether you might like to do it all again next year.

Please note; your collection will not automatically be added to GADAB each year. You will need to confirm this with each year.

What GADAB will do / provide for you

  1. Advertise your drop-off point on its webpage.
  2. Advertise your drop-off point on GADAB Facebook page.
  3. Copy of the general email that GADAB sends out regarding the appeal.
  4. Copy of the ‘Half way’ email that GADAB sends out regarding the appeal.
  5. Copy of the ‘Thank you’ email GADAB sends out at the end of the appeal.
  6. GADAB will list your drop-off point and name of rescue service you distribute to in its Annual Report.

A couple of important points to remember about running your appeal

  1. GADAB is an established entity and in order to use it as the title for your Appeal, you will be agreeing to follow the documented procedures in these guidelines and on the GADAB website, and refrain from doing anything which would bring the name of GADAB into disrepute.
  2. Under no circumstances is money to be requested. GADAB works on an exclusively cash-free basis. No cash donations may be accepted by anyone representing GADAB.
  3. Any significant deviations from the established appeal procedure and guidelines must be approved in writing by Nicola Addison beforehand.