GADAB closes the kennel door

2021 update

For 13 years ‘Give a Dog a Bone Keep Kitty Happy’  (GADAB) Christmas Appeal has harnessed the generosity of the community to help with collecting and distributing new toys, treats and food to over 25 Rescue and Community Services.

This simple idea that I had in 2006 grew to a well-known and established community event, BUT sadly I need to close the kennel door.  I would love to continue but have truly run out of steam.

Thank you to one and all who have been involved especially Michelle Hubbard who was always by my side.

It took an enormous amount of organising and coordinating but the benefits  to the dogs and cats was immeasurable and worth it a hundred times over.

I hope the idea can live on and people and organisations will take up the lead and continue to collect individually or at work, taking their collection to a Rescue Service or Community Organisation.

Here are the links to the organisations that were recipients of the GADAB appeal but there are many, many more who would love to receive. https://giveadogabone.info/who-benefits/

A long email doesn’t get read, so that’s all I need to say except, once again, thank you on behalf of all the animals; and remember …

“If one person buys just one item and passes the message on – then great things can be achieved”

Nicola Addison
26 October 2021

What is GADAB?

GADAB is an annual Christmas appeal that provides toys, food and treats to animals in need. It runs 25 November – 15 December each year.

The appeal simply asks individuals to add one pet item to their shopping basket (toy, treat or food for cats or dogs) and drop it at a designated donation point.

All donations are distributed to cats and dogs in animal shelters and services across Sydney, the Blue Mountains, and the Central Coast.

Please note – no second hand items can be accepted.

GADAB crew
2018 GADAB volunteers

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