About us

Our mission

Founded in 2006, we aim to harness the spirit of giving during the festive season by inviting everyone to donate one pet item for distribution to animals in need at Christmas.


Everyone and every item can make a difference.

People are invited to place one pet item (a treat, toy or food for cats or dogs) in their shopping trolley just prior to Christmas and drop it off at one of our donation points  located throughout Sydney, Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury.

Donated items are then distributed to animal shelters and services in need in time for Christmas.

Please note – no second hand items can be accepted.

Why we do it

In addition to harnessing the spirit of giving at Christmas, we aim to:

  • Assist with the extra strain on services caring for homeless animals at this time of year.  Animal services often experience an influx of animals over the Christmas period and directly after.
  • Raise awareness of the many animals who do not have a home.
  • Offer people in the community an opportunity to assist that is simple and has a direct positive impact on the animals and the service.
  • Directly assist organisations helping homeless people or people in financial need to care for their pets (Way2Home, Pets in the Park and HIV Community Organisations).​

How we do it 

Give a Dog a Bone, Keep Kitty Happy is run by people who volunteer their skills, expertise and time to keep costs to an absolute minimum. This covers the website, poster design, decoration of collection bins, pick-ups and deliveries and all other aspects that make up this appeal.

While we aim to run on a cost–neutral basis, for the last 5 years all printing costs have been generously covered by Glen Leitch Arts Management. This wonderful gesture has certainly added to the growth of the appeal.


Download our annual reports ‘last wag of the tail’

Talking Pets Podcast

In December 2016, Give A Dog A Bone, Keep Kitty Happy founder Nicola Addison was chatting about the appeal on the Talking Pets Podcast.